Website for the Family of

John Porter & Descendants


Website under Construction. It is the site of the dedicated to the preservation of information and artifacts from the Porter Family

Genealogical Research is underway. Here is some of the research done by our ancestors:

John Porter:
A Genealogy of the Descendants of John Porter who settled in Hingham Mass. in 1635, and then in Salem (Danvers) in 1644 by Joseph W. Porter, (written1878) (Download)

Col. Francis Porter:
Obituary & Civil War History (written in 1890’s)(Download)

Porter Geneology
 by Mildred Barrows Lynch (written in 1952 with input from Etta Barrows) (Download)

 Bradstreet Genealogy
 by Mildred Barrows Lynch (written in 1953 after the death of Etta Barrows)(Download)

Commodore David Porter (Is he a relation?) He was born in Boston, as was his father and grandfather, Captain Alexander Porter. See Porter’s historic exploits and picture

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