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Col. Francis Porter’s daughter, Etta married Albert T. Barrows of Beverly in 1889.

Etta and Albert (known as “Pug”) had four children:

  • Edward H.   born in 1890, married Carolyn Wilkens of Middletown
  • Mildred      born in 1892, married Raymond Ursma Lynch, of Danvers Feb 17, 1917
  • Ruth Alison   born in 1894, married Austin Drewry, Died 1949
  • Albert Shirley born in 1896, married Antoinette Knowles, died 1861

Mildred and Raymond had four children

  • Kathleen Lynch       born 1917, married Stephen O’Connor of Providence
  • Raymond F. Lynch    born 1920, married Muriel Norgaard of Cranston
  • Robert Barrows Lynch born 1922, married Viola Bak of Cranston
  • Kenneth Porter Lynch  born 1935, married Barbara Ormondroyd of Warwick
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